Zebra Car Insurance: What Does It Coverage?

Buying car insurance online is now easy and convenient. Instead of calling or visiting agencies, you can quickly get quotes from multiple insurers online. But, while some platforms genuinely compare rates, others might sell your data. We examined The Zebra car insurance, a popular quote-comparison site, to determine if it’s a trustworthy option for comparing car insurance rates.

Key Takaways

  • The Zebra simplifies insurance comparisons.
  • Offers rates from over 100 insurers.
  • Many positive reviews, but some users want more quote options.

What is The Zebra?

The Zebra, located on thezebra.com, is a comparison platform that partners with over 100 insurance companies across all 50 states, including Washington, D.C. They offer quotes for a range of insurances, from car and home to renters and pet. Founded in 2012 with the aim to simplify insurance shopping, The Zebra has since provided more than 18 million quotes.

What is The Zebra?

How Does The Zebra Work?

The Zebra simplifies insurance quote comparisons. When you complete their online form, they match you with insurers in your area offering the coverage you desire. While The Zebra is free for users, they earn commissions when customers buy policies either directly through their site or via their licensed agents, ensuring it’s not just a platform for lead generation.

How To Get A Car Insurance Quote From The Zebra

Getting car insurance quotes on The Zebra is straightforward and quick. Simply visit their website’s homepage and select the car insurance option. Fill in details like your ZIP code, estimated credit score, birth date, and vehicle specifics. Then, pick a coverage level from The Zebra’s three tiers: minimum, better, or best. Once done, you’ll get personalized quotes from their partner insurers. You can then either buy a policy online or chat with a licensed agent from The Zebra to finalize your choice.

Car Insurance Coverages Available On The Zebra

The Zebra provides various car insurance options, both mandatory and optional. They offer:

Car Insurance Coverages Available On The Zebra
  • Liability insurance: Required in many states, it covers the other driver’s medical and car repair costs if you’re at fault. If someone sues you after an accident, it even handles the legal costs.
  • Collision insurance: This covers your car’s repair costs if you hit another vehicle or objects like trees. Most people buy it alongside comprehensive insurance for complete car coverage.
  • Comprehensive insurance: Beyond collision, this covers incidents like theft, fire, and natural disasters.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance: This steps in when the other driver lacks adequate insurance in an accident you’re involved in. It’s also useful for hit-and-run cases.
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Mandatory in some states, PIP covers your and your passenger’s medical expenses after an accident, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Gap insurance: For those with leased or financed cars, it pays the difference between your car’s current worth and any remaining loan or lease amounts if the car is totaled.

The Zebra Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance costs vary depending on several elements, including where you live, your age, credit score, and driving history. We used The Zebra’s online tool to explore rates from its associated insurers. Here’s what we found for a 35-year-old married man in Houston, Texas, with a spotless driving record.

Insurance CompanyAverage Quote for Liability Coverage
Liberty Mutual$117
Direct Auto$136

Note: The table information comes from live quotes from over 50 insurance partners of Insurify. Actual quotes might differ based on the individual profile of the policy seeker.

The Zebra Auto Insurance Discounts

Most car insurance firms give discounts, which can help reduce your costs. Since The Zebra collaborates with over 100 insurance companies, the discounts you benefit from will vary based on your matched insurers. Here are some typical discounts:

The Zebra Car Insurance Discounts
  • Bundling: Save when you get both home and auto insurance from one company.
  • Payment options: Get discounts for paying your full premium upfront, using autopay, or choosing electronic statements.
  • Safe driving: Earn savings if you’ve been accident and ticket-free for three to five years.
  • Military service: Active military members and veterans often get special rates.
  • Defensive driving course: Completing an approved course can lead to discounts.

Pros and cons of The Zebra

Using The Zebra simplifies comparing car insurance rates. However, it’s not without its challenges. Here’s a breakdown of its advantages and disadvantages:


  • Collaborates with over 100 leading insurance firms.
  • Offers comparisons for various insurance types.
  • Might help you discover a more affordable policy.


  • If you pick a policy, you’ll need to apply again on the insurer’s website.
  • You may only get options from a limited number of providers.
  • Adjusting coverage limits means re-doing the application process.

How to Maximize Savings

To find more affordable car insurance, consider these five strategies:

  • Boost your credit score. Many insurers check your credit when you apply. A better score often means a lower rate.
  • Combine your policies. By getting multiple policies, like car and home insurance, from the same company, you can usually snag a discount.
  • Opt for a higher deductible. By choosing a bigger deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage, you can often lower your monthly payment.
  • Seek out discounts. When searching for car insurance, look for savings opportunities. Discounts might be available for safe driving, academic achievement, completing a defensive driving course, or paying in full.
  • Shop around. Use platforms like quote-comparison sites to review rates from different insurers. This ensures you get the best deal for your needs.

The Zebra Car Insurance: FAQs

Is The Zebra legit?

The Zebra is a well-regarded online platform in the insurance sector. With overwhelmingly positive reviews, the company boasts of generating over 18 million quotes. Information about The Zebra is readily accessible both on its website and third-party platforms. Furthermore, the company is open about its business operations and revenue sources.

Is The Zebra a good site for car insurance quotes?

The Zebra, found at thezebra.com, is a reliable insurance comparison platform. Its user-friendly application process easily matches users with quotes from over 100 insurance providers. Impressively, The Zebra doesn’t limit itself to car insurance but provides quotes for various insurance products.

How does The Zebra make a profit?

The Zebra operates on a commission-based model, much like insurance agencies. They earn money when a customer applies and buys a policy online from a partnered company. Additionally, The Zebra profits when a customer purchases insurance through its licensed agents after receiving tailored quotes.

How is Insurify different from The Zebra?

Both Insurify and The Zebra offer online tools for comparing insurance quotes. Insurify boasts a network of over 300 insurance companies, compared to The Zebra’s roughly 100 insurers. Moreover, Insurify holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, while The Zebra is rated A.

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