Orion travel insurance: Coverage for your peace of mind

Do you want to have a safe and worry-free trip when encountering unexpected risks? Look no further than Orion travel insurance – the leading travel insurance company in Canada, offering a range of insurance products tailored to your needs and budget. Let’s find out more about Orion through this article, to learn why you should choose Orion.

Orion travel insurance
Orion travel insurance

Overview of Orion travel insurance – A leading travel insurance company in Canada.

Orion is a leading travel insurance company in Canada, established in 2013 through a collaboration between two CAA clubs: CAA Club Group and Alberta Motor Association (AMA). The company aims to protect Canadian travelers worldwide and strives to become the most recommended and trusted travel insurance company in Canada.

With a strong foundation in customer safety and innovation, Orion is able to protect more travelers and provide high-quality services at a great value. They are travelers themselves, accompanying over 3 million Canadians (and growing) on many trips each year. They understand what travelers need and want.

Orion has a team of travel insurance experts ready to assist customers worldwide, anytime, in multiple languages, through phone, email, or mobile app. They are reliable guides for travelers throughout their journey, caring for their health and protecting their memories.

With their exceptional customer service, wide range of coverage options, and commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, Orion travel insurance is the go-to travel insurance provider for Canadian travelers. Contact them today to learn more about their policies and how they can help protect you on your next trip.

A leading travel insurance company in Canada.
Overview of Orion travel insurance – A leading travel insurance company in Canada.

Reasons to choose Orion travel insurance when traveling

When it comes to travel insurance, Orion travel insurance stands out as a top choice for travelers. Here are some detailed reasons why you should choose Orion for your next trip:

  • Comprehensive coverage: Orion offers a wide range of coverage options to ensure that you are protected against various travel risks. From medical expenses and trip cancellation to baggage protection and emergency assistance, they have you covered.
  • Trusted reputation: With a strong reputation in the industry, Orion has gained the trust of countless travelers. Their commitment to delivering reliable coverage and exceptional service has made them a preferred choice for many.
  • Personalized policies: Orion understands that each traveler has unique needs. They offer customized policies that can be tailored to your specific requirements, giving you the flexibility to choose the coverage that suits you best.
  • Global assistance: Whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally, Orion provides 24/7 global assistance. Their dedicated support team is always available to help you with any travel-related issues, ensuring that you have peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • Convenient and hassle-Free: Orion strives to make the insurance process as convenient as possible. With easy online policy purchase and user-friendly interfaces, getting coverage for your trip is quick and hassle-free.
  • Competitive pricing: Despite offering comprehensive coverage and excellent service, Orion remains competitively priced. They provide value for money, ensuring that you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank.
  • Customer satisfaction: Orion prioritizes customer satisfaction. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are committed to addressing your concerns promptly and efficiently, ensuring a positive experience throughout your insurance journey.
Reasons to choose Orion travel insurance when traveling
Reasons to choose Orion travel insurance when traveling

The travel insurance products offered by Orion

Orion travel insurance offers the following travel insurance products

Emergency medical coverage 

Orion travel insurance ensures the safety of travelers and their loved ones in the event of unexpected medical emergencies during trips outside their home province or country. This coverage offers various options to suit different travel needs:

  • For infrequent travelers, the Single Trip plan might be a perfect fit.
  • Frequent globetrotters can enjoy year-round protection with the Multi-Trip plan, which offers coverage for 4, 8, 15, or 30 days per trip.
  • If your adventure extends beyond the original plan, Supplementary coverage can be applied to extend your medical insurance for additional days.

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance

This type of insurance is your safeguard in situations where you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to unforeseeable circumstances like accidents, illness, natural disasters, political unrest, or war. It can reimburse non-refundable expenses such as flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, or prepaid services.

Travel insurance for visitors to canada

Orion provides essential emergency medical insurance for individuals traveling, working, or studying in Canada. It covers high medical expenses while in Canada, including hospital fees, medications, tests, surgeries, or medical transportation.

Corporate travel insurance

Orion’s Corporate Travel Insurance is tailor-made to protect employees while they travel or work globally. This insurance can be customized to meet the specific needs and budget of your company. It may include various types of coverage, such as emergency medical, trip cancellation or interruption, personal accident, or liability coverage.

The travel insurance products offered by Orion
The travel insurance products offered by Orion

Pros and cons of Orion travel insurance

Orion Travel Insurance is a popular choice for travelers who want to protect themselves against unexpected events while on the road. Like any insurance policy, there are pros and cons to consider before making a decision.


  • Global travel protection: Travelers from Canada can explore the world with confidence, knowing that Orion will cover medical expenses, trip cancellations, interruptions, and other unforeseen risks, no matter where they are.
  • Flexible insurance Products: Orion offers a wide range of insurance products to cater to the diverse needs and budgets of its customers. You can choose insurance that suits the purpose and duration of your trip, whether it’s a single journey or multiple excursions, short-term or long-term, and whether you’re traveling as an individual or representing a company.
  • COVID-19 coverage: In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, having insurance that covers COVID-19-related issues is a significant advantage. Orion provides compensation if you contract COVID-19 while traveling or need to cancel your trip due to COVID-19.
  • User-friendly processes: Orion ensures a simple and convenient experience for its customers. You can purchase insurance online or by phone. Additionally, their team of experts is just a call, email, or mobile app message away to provide the support you need.


  • Insurance terms and conditions: It’s crucial to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of your insurance. There may be specific conditions, limitations, and exclusions. For example, you may not be reimbursed if you voluntarily cancel your trip or if you have pre-existing medical conditions or engage in high-risk activities.
  • Negative customer feedback: Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Orion, reporting issues such as denied compensation claims, delayed or inadequate support, or unresponsive communication channels. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Orion’s service quality, it’s advisable to read customer reviews on Trustpilot.
Pros and cons of Orion travel insurance
Pros and cons of Orion travel insurance


How do I file a claim with Orion travel insurance?

To file a claim with Orion travel insurance, you’ll need to contact their claims department. You’ll typically need to provide documentation such as receipts or medical records to support your claim.

Does Orion travel insurance cover trip cancellation due to COVID-19?

It depends on the policy you’ve purchased. Some policies may cover trip cancellation due to COVID-19, while others may not. Check the details of your policy to see what is and isn’t covered.

Can I purchase Orion travel insurance after I’ve already started my trip?

No, you must purchase a policy before your trip begins for it to be valid. If you try to purchase coverage after the fact, you will likely not be covered.

How do I cancel my Orion travel insurance policy?

To cancel your policy with Orion travel insurance, you’ll need to contact their customer service department. Depending on the timing of your cancellation, you may be eligible for a partial refund.

Does Orion travel insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Orion does offer coverage for some pre-existing conditions. However, the coverage may be limited or excluded depending on the specific condition. Check the details of your policy to see what is and isn’t covered.


Orion offers comprehensive coverage and a range of benefits for travelers seeking peace of mind and protection during their journeys. With options for both short-term and long-term trips, Orion caters to various travel needs and budgets. Their coverage includes trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, baggage loss or delay, and protection against COVID-19-related risks.

While considering Orion travel insurance, it is important to review the policy details and understand any limitations or exclusions that may apply. To gain further insights and evaluate the experiences of other customers, you can visit the website InsuranceTopList, where you can find additional information and customer reviews about Orion.

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or an extended international adventure, Orion can provide the necessary coverage and support to ensure a worry-free travel experience. Remember to assess your specific needs, compare different insurance options, and make an informed decision based on your requirements and preferences.

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