Metlife Pet Insurance Login – Get To And Manage Your Account

In this article, you’ll discover data on how to get to your metlife pet insurance login, where you’ll be able oversee your protections. As an enrolled policyholder with MetLife Pet Insurance, you get to your login page via the entrance or portable app. 

You’ll get to the login entry 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to oversee your account. The entry is secure, private, and simple to utilize.

Information About MetLife Pet Protection

MetLife pet insurance was established in 1868, as of now having operations in more than 40 markets. It holds driving positions within the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The Company is steady in advertising canine and cat protections administrations for mischance and sickness coverage.

Metlife pet insurance login is successful for mischance scope at midnight on the day you purchase an approach. Compared to a mishap holding up period of two to fifteen days for most best competitors. You’ll have access to a 24/7 vet health line and the alternative to include a scheduled wellness plan.

Information About MetLife Pet Protection


  • Accident scope starts at midnight the day you select in coverage.
  • Access to telehealth services.
  • Offers pain counseling after a pet death.
  • Preventive and wellness care scope is available.


  • No choice to pay the vet specifically (most claims are prepared in 10 days or less).
  • 6-month holding up period for cruciate ligament issues. And intervertebral plate illness for approaches guaranteed by Independence American Insurance Co.

How To Get To The Metlife Pet Insurance Login Page

To access the metlife pet insurance login page, take after the methods sketched out below.

How To Get To The Metlife Pet Insurance Login Page

How To Enroll For A MetLife Pet Insurance Account

To get to the protection scope, you begin with having to be enrolled on the MetLife pet insurance entrance. To begin, take after the methods laid out below.

How To Login To MetLife Pet Insurance On The Portable App

With the iOS or Android metlife pet insurance login app. You’ll be able to get to your account and oversee it from your phone. To get begun, download and introduce the MetLife pet insurance app from the App Store or Google Play.

Log in together with your qualifications to oversee your protection policy. The app as of now underpins self-service for, Pet Insurance, Dog Insurance, Cat Insurance, Coverage and Exclusions.

What MetLife Pet Insurance Covers

MetLife’s mishap and sickness arrangement covers:

  • Vet exam fees.
  • Telemedicine visits.
  • Hospitalizations, surgeries, and crisis care.
  • Diagnostic tests, including X-rays.
  • Prescription medications.
  • Prescription nourishment (on a few plans).
  • Cruciate repairs.
  • Bilateral conditions.
  • Hereditary, innate and constant conditions.
  • Skin conditions.
  • Periodontal disease.
  • Holistic and elective therapies.
  • Cremation costs.
  • Injuries caused by housemates.
What MetLife Pet Insurance Covers

MetLife’s preventive care scope makes a difference to cover these costs:

  • Flea, tick, heartworm medication.
  • Spaying or neutering.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Dental cleaning.
  • Wellness exams.
  • Bloodwork.
  • Fecal and heartworm tests.
  • Health certificates.

What Is Not MetLife Pet Insurance Covers

MetLife’s plans regularly don’t cover:

  • Most pre-existing conditions. In the event that you purchase a metlife pet insurance login through your manager. You’ll have scope for conditions secured by another company beneath a past pet insurance plan.
  • Elective procedures.
  • Grooming and washing costs, counting sedated baths.
  • Breeding costs.
  • Organ transplants.
  • Removal or expression of butt-centric organs or butt-centric sacculates.
  • Any wounds or sicknesses related to racing, coursing, commercial guarding, or organized fighting.

MetLife’s Pre-existing Scope Claim

Pet owners who have been with another pet insurance company and presently wish to connect the MetLife protections family. It can have their pet protections exchanged to MetLife without the stress of being denied due to pre-existing conditions. The pet will proceed to be secured beneath any condition in which they were secured before.


Metlife pet insurance login offers different sorts of scope for your pets. The company offers pet proprietors the choice of utilizing its telehealth concierge administrations. Which can save a parcel of time and cash.  Something else went through with trips to the vet for minor issues and follow-ups. Pet owners can download the insurance company’s app onto their phone and utilize it to yield claims. Track the claim or check out their pet’s restorative history.

MetLife’s Pre-existing Scope Claim - Coverage

The fetched for MetLife coverage depends on a few things. Such as the sort of creature, breed of creature, sexual orientation, age, and indeed area. To provide you an illustration of the fetch of metlife pet insurance login, here are a few test sites based on diverse variables.

For an approach on a two-year-old male purebred German shepherd with a $250 deductible, $5,000 annual advantage. And an 80 percent repayment rate, the monthly premium is $29.27. Pet proprietors can customize the approach to the one that best meets their pet’s needs and their budget.

This same arrangement with a $50 deductible, $10,000 yearly advantage and a 90 percent reimbursement rate would fetch $57.51 per month. In case you included a wellness arrangement to this arrangement, the premium would increment to $85.98 per month.

For an approach on a three-year-old female blended breed cat with a $250 deductible, $5,000 yearly advantage. And an 80 percent repayment rate, the monthly premium is $19.26. This same arrangement with a $50 deductible, $10,000 yearly advantage. And a 90 percent repayment rate would cost $30.87 per month.

If a wellness plan was included in this arrangement, the premium would increase to $43.84 per month. Rebates are advertised to military staff, Vets, and healthcare specialists, to begin with responders and protect personnel.

Customer Experience

  • Website: You’ll get cites and purchase an arrangement online. MetLife’s site is user-friendly but it doesn’t incorporate all the approach data. You might need to compare scope. For example, it doesn’t offer test approaches you’ll be able to read online.
  • App: MetLife’s app is consistent with Apple and Android devices. You’ll be able utilize the app to see approach data, track the advance of claims, transfer wellbeing records and chat. However, the app’s destitute evaluations and surveys show that clients aren’t always able to total these tasks.
  • Claims: You’ll record a claim online or through the MetLife app. On the other hand, you’ll be able to download and fill out a form. Then send it back by mail, fax or mail. Most claims pay out inside 10 trade days.
  • Customer service: The quickest way to contact metlife pet insurance login is through live chat, which you’ll get to on the app or site. Something else, call 855-270-7387 or mail [email protected] with questions. For policyholders, MetLife’s vet chat is accessible 24/7, 365 days a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Pet Insurance?

Similar to wellbeing protections for you and your family. Pet insurance is a scope for dogs and cats that can assist you be arranged for unforeseen vet costs. With MetLife Pet Insurance, you will be able to cover up to 100% of the veterinary care costs from any authorized veterinarian. Pro or crisis clinic over the U.S.

Why Do I Require MetLife Pet Insurance?

Now more than ever, pets are playing a critical role in our lives. And it is vital to keep them secure and solid. Perhaps you may have as of now experienced the fetching of veterinary care for your pet. The normal yearly fee for a scheduled vet visit is $212 for a pooch and $160 for a cat. And the normal yearly fee for a surgical vet visit is $426 for a puppy and $214 for a cat.

How Does Pet Protections Work?

Our handle is basic and clear. Take your pet to the vet and pay the charge, at that point send your claim to us. You’ll be able to record by utilizing our mobile app, online entry, e-mail, fax or mail. And we’ll prepare your claim within 10 days. Then, you’ll get reimbursement by check or coordinate store in case the claim cost is secured beneath the policy.

Does MetLife Have Any Discount?

MetLife offers these discounts to qualified policyholders:

  • Employer advantage discount for individuals who purchase an approach through their workplace (not accessible in Tennessee).
  • Internet purchase markdown, which applies to the primary year of premiums.
  • Active or resigned military, experienced and first responder discount.
  • Active wellbeing care specialists discount.
  • Discount for staff individuals and proprietors of creature care facilities.
  • Additionally, you could be able to lower your deductible by $25 to $50 each year you don’t yield a claim.

How Much Is MetLife Pet Insurance?

MetLife says its pet insurance plans begin at $15 a month for dogs and $9 a month for cats. Costs change based on the breed and age of your pet. 

You can metlife pet insurance login account by visiting In case you’ve got any questions or need help, you’ll be able contact their group at (866) 937-7387. On the other hand, you’ll be able download the MetLife Pet Mobile App to oversee your pet insurance arrangement. The app is accessible for both iOS and Android gadgets.

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