Lemonade Car Insurance Updated Review 2023

Lemonade car insurance is a good fit for tech-savvy folks who prefer insurance rates based on their real driving habits. So now if you like visiting an agent in person or don’t want your driving tracked, you might want to explore other options.

About Lemonade Car Insurance

Lemonade car insurance is a digital-first solution, primarily accessible through its website and mobile app. To manage policies, seek assistance, or file claims, drivers are required to download the app, which also uses telematics technology to determine pricing based on driving habits and mileage.

Founded in 2015 by Daniel Schreiber and Shai Wininger, Lemonade, based in New York, initially offered home and renters insurance, adding car insurance to its offerings in 2021. Lemonade car insurance is currently available in the following states:

About Lemonade Car Insurance

Pros & Cons 


  • Lemonade car insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage provides free emergency crash assistance and roadside aid.
  • Reduced rates for low-mileage drivers through mileage tracking.
  • Exclusive benefits for electric vehicle and hybrid owners, including discounts.
  • Bundle your Lemonade auto insurance with home, renters, life, or pet insurance for additional discounts.


  • Available in just five states.
  • Lemonade auto insurance necessitates app usage for most interactions.
  • Location tracking via Lemonade’s app is required for pricing and roadside/crash assistance.
  • No rideshare insurance for Uber, Lyft, or business-related vehicle use.
  • Lemonade does not provide SR-22 insurance.

How Lemonade Car Insurance Works

Lemonade determines car insurance rates using typical criteria like driving history, credit score, location, and experience. By downloading the app and enabling location services, drivers immediately qualify for a participation discount.

The app’s location-based technology tracks individual driving habits. At policy renewal, this driving score, coupled with other elements like claims history, determines your rate. A commendable safe-driving score typically leads to reduced premiums.

Claims are processed via the Lemonade app, often requiring a descriptive video of the incident. Upon approval, the payout, after deducting any relevant deductible, is directly transferred to your bank account.

What Does Lemonade Car Insurance Cover? 

Similar to other auto insurance providers, Lemonade offers these standard car insurance coverages:

What Does Lemonade Car Insurance Cover? 

Liability Insurance

If you cause a car accident, bodily injury and property damage liability insurance covers the injuries and damages to others. It also pays for your legal fees and any court settlements or judgments.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance protects your car against theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters like floods and hail, falling objects, and collisions with animals.

Collision Insurance

Collision car insurance covers the repair or replacement of your car after an accident, no matter who’s at fault. It also covers damages from hitting objects like guardrails or fences. If your car is declared a total loss, both collision and comprehensive insurance will pay the current value of your car, minus your deductible. While both coverages are optional, lenders or leasing companies often require them if you have a lease or loan.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage covers medical bills for you and your passengers if hurt in a car accident caused by a driver without enough insurance. It’s mandatory in 22 states and optional in the rest.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection (PIP) covers your medical bills, lost wages, and services like child care if you can’t perform tasks after an accident. It’s mandatory in 15 states, optional in some, and not available in others.

Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay)

MedPay covers medical bills for you and your passengers after a car accident, no matter who’s at fault. It’s mandatory in some states and optional in others.

More Lemonade Auto Insurance Options

Here are some optional coverages available with a Lemonade car insurance policy:

Temporary Transportation Coverage

If you add this option to your comprehensive and collision coverage, it pays for your rental car, public transport, or rideshare fees for up to 30 days if a covered incident, like a car accident, keeps you from driving your vehicle. So this is commonly known as rental car reimbursement coverage.

Extended Glass and Windshield Coverage

With comprehensive insurance, any damage or breakage to your car’s glass, like windows or windshield, is covered. So if you combine this with collision coverage, the “extended” option lets you pick a lower or even zero deductible for glass or windshield claims.

Lemonade Crash and Roadside Assistance Services

With location tracking activated in the Lemonade app, you get these free benefits:

  • Crash Detection and Emergency Assistance: If you’re in an accident, Lemonade gets notified. They can then check on you and, if needed, send emergency services to your location.
  • Roadside Assistance: Through the app, you can request help if your car breaks down. This includes towing, battery jumps, flat tire fixes, and even fuel delivery.

For each car on your policy, you can access these services up to three times in a six-month period at no cost. After that, the services are still available, but at a fee.

Special Lemonade Auto Insurance for Electric Vehicles, Hybrids 

  • Emergency Charging: For electric vehicles (EV) running low on battery, Lemonade can dispatch a charging truck to your location.
  • Charger Coverage: If your wall or portable charger gets damaged, Lemonade offers coverage to help with its replacement.

Lemonade Car Insurance Discounts

Lemonade Car Insurance Discounts

Lemonade provides an array of discounts for car insurance to benefit drivers:

  • Accident-free Discount: Avail a discount if all drivers on your policy have remained claim-free for the past five years.
  • Anti-theft Discount: Cars equipped with original or aftermarket anti-theft features qualify for a reduction.
  • Bundling Discount: Enjoy savings when you combine a Lemonade car insurance with other offerings like homeowners, renters, life, or pet insurance.
  • Continuous Coverage Discount: Discounts are available for those with an uninterrupted car insurance history.
  • EV/Hybrid Discount: Environmentally-conscious drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles can access reduced rates.
  • Low Mileage Discount: Drive less and benefit from lower premiums.
  • Multi-car Discount: Insure multiple cars with Lemonade to receive a discount.
  • Full Payment Discount: Opt for Lemonade’s one-off payment plan by paying your entire premium upfront to avail a reduction.
  • Senior Driver Discount: Drivers aged 55 or above, who’ve undertaken an approved defensive driving course in the last three years, qualify for savings.
  • Smart Technology Discount: Cars featuring automatic emergency braking or blind-spot warning safety systems are eligible for a discount.
  • Teen Driver Discount: Savings are available for policies with drivers under 19, provided the policy also qualifies for the continuous insurance discount.
  • Telematics Discount: Engage continually with the Lemonade app’s telematics program to receive a discount.
  • Three-year Safe Driving Discount: Maintain a clean driving record with no violations or accidents for a minimum of three years to earn a discount.

In Conclusion

Lemonade car insurance combines tech-savvy features with comprehensive coverage options, offering a modern and user-friendly experience for drivers seeking affordable and efficient policies. Its app-based approach, coupled with a variety of discounts, positions it as an innovative choice in the auto insurance market.


How does Lemonade’s claim process work?

Users file claims with Lemonade through their app, which may require them to submit a video describing the incident. Once approved, Lemonade directly deposits the payment into the claimant’s bank account, deducting any applicable deductible.

What discounts does Lemonade car insurance offer?

Lemonade offers a range of discounts including accident-free, anti-theft, bundling, continuous insurance, EV/hybrid, low mileage, and telematics participation, among others.

How does Lemonade’s telematics program work?

Upon enabling location services in the Lemonade app, users can get an immediate participation discount. So, the app’s location-based technology monitors driving habits, which can influence policy pricing at renewal time.

What are some unique features of Lemonade’s car insurance?

*Lemonade provides features like crash detection, emergency assistance, and roadside help, free for users who have location tracking enabled in the app. For electric vehicles, there’s also emergency charging and charger coverage

What are some unique features of Lemonade’s car insurance?

Lemonade provides features like crash detection, emergency assistance, and roadside help, free for users who have location tracking enabled in the app. For electric vehicles, there’s also emergency charging and charger coverage.

How does Lemonade’s “glass coverage” work?

If a vehicle has comprehensive insurance with Lemonade, damages to windows or windshields are covered. If both comprehensive and collision coverage are in place, users can opt for a reduced or zero deductible specifically for glass claims.

Is Lemonade car insurance available in all states?

Lemonade has been expanding its reach, but it’s always best to check their website or contact them directly to determine availability in a specific state.

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