Jerry Car Insurance: How Does It Work? 

Jerry car insurance is a digital platform that revolutionizes the way drivers shop for and manage their auto insurance. Leveraging technology, it offers users a seamless experience in comparing quotes and securing coverage from multiple reputable providers.

Key Takeaways

  • Jerry car insurance assists more than 3.5 million drivers find insurance savings for cars and homes. They work with over 55 top companies, including Allstate, Travelers, and Progressive.
  • Jerry has an impressive 4.7-star rating from 15,801 reviews on the Apple App Store. Meanwhile, on Google Play, it’s rated 4.3 stars from 9,280 reviews.
  • Jerry Insurance Agency operates in all 50 states and boasts a customer support team with over 100 licensed insurance agents, ensuring comprehensive service.
  • Importantly, with Jerry’s DataLock Guarantee™, customers can be confident that their personal information is kept secure at bank-level standards.

Jerry: What You Need to Know

Jerry is an “AllCar app” from America. Founded in California in 2017, it has over 3 million users. Originally, Jerry helped people compare car insurance online. Now, they offer more services:

Jerry: What You Need to Know
  • DriveShield: This tracks your driving and gives you immediate tips to drive better.
  • GarageGuard: This tool lets you keep an eye on your car’s maintenance, find out problems, and locate repair shops.
  • Refinancing: Jerry can help you with car loan deals.
  • Insurance: They also give options for home and renters’ insurance.
  • Guides: Jerry provides useful articles and how-to tips.

According to Jerry’s website, they’ve made over 175 million insurance quotes and saved their users $40 million monthly.

How it works

Download the Jerry app and set up your driver profile. You’ll receive personalized quotes from over 55 top car insurance companies, including Allstate, Progressive, and AAA.

With Jerry, you can also:

  • Refinance your car loan
  • Check your safety score while driving
  • Earn rewards like discount codes for driving safely
  • Understand car maintenance and repair costs for your vehicle

Best of all, Jerry is completely free. It simplifies car ownership without any extra charges or secret fees.

What makes Jerry different from other insurance sites?

Many sites offer car insurance comparisons. But Jerry stands out with three key benefits:

What makes Jerry different from other insurance sites?
  • Jerry Handles Everything: Unlike other sites that just show quotes and then send you to another site to buy, Jerry manages everything. They compare quotes, finalize your coverage, and even cancel your old policy for you.
  • Available Customer Service: You can reach Jerry’s team of over 100 licensed insurance agents anytime, seven days a week. They’re ready to assist through text, email, phone, or chat in the app.
  • Continuous Support: After you get your car insurance, Jerry doesn’t stop helping. They send payment reminders, assist with policy changes, and even guide you through the claims process.

Who it’s for

If you have a valid driver’s license, you can use Jerry. But the app is perfect for those who:

  • Noticed their insurance rates going up.
  • Wish to save on insurance without making calls.
  • Want advice from an unbiased agent not tied to one insurance company.
  • Need to renew their insurance but are too busy to see a local agent.
  • Want the best rate without wasting the whole day comparing quotes.

In short, Jerry is designed to make insurance simple and efficient for everyone.

Pros and cons: What Jerry’s users have to say

Pros and cons: what Jerry’s users have to say


  • Regular savings opportunities for many drivers
  • Adaptable customer support through text or call
  • Numerous benefits and tools for vehicle owners 
  • Instant alerts for car recalls and insurance discount offers.


Initial quotes are estimates

Auto coverage offered by Jerry car insurance partners

Jerry, as an insurance broker, connects drivers to policies from over 50 car insurance firms. These companies provide various coverage types, such as:

  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full coverage, including damage and theft
  • Protection if someone hits you
  • Coverage if you’re hit by an uninsured driver
  • Medical bill payments after accidents
  • Protection for personal injuries (PIP)
  • Coverage for car loan gaps
  • Replacement for new cars
  • Car rental costs during repairs
  • Charges for towing and labor
  • Insurance for rideshare drivers
  • Insurance for classic cars

Discounts offered by Jerry auto insurance partners

Jerry helps drivers save money on car insurance by quickly comparing and switching providers. Your insurance cost depends on your age, where you live, your driving record, and how often you might claim.

Every insurance company has its way of setting prices. Jerry believes that by regularly comparing quotes, they help drivers get the best deal for the coverage they need.

Jerry isn’t an insurance provider but a broker. So, the discounts you get come from the insurance company you choose through Jerry.

Some typical car insurance discounts are:

  • Discounts for multiple policies or cars
  • Discounts for continuous coverage
  • Savings for Safe Drivers
  • Discounts for good students
  • E-bill and full payment savings
  • Savings for automatic payments

Your insurance savings depend on your driver profile and many other factors 

The price you’ll pay for insurance using Jerry depends on several factors:

  • Driving Record: A history with accidents or tickets can increase your rate. But if you’ve driven safely, you might get a discount.
  • Insurance Claims: You might pay more if you’ve made claims before.
  • Location: Rates vary by location due to local laws, accident rates, and crime. For example, driving in New York City might cost more than in a small Iowa town.
  • Experience: New drivers often pay more since they’re considered higher risk.
  • Vehicle Details: Your car’s age, type, and engine can affect the rate. Newer cars generally cost more to insure.
  • Credit Score: In most states, a good credit score can get you a better rate. However, some states like California and Massachusetts don’t allow insurers to consider it.
  • Insurance Status: If you’ve had a gap in insurance because of missed payments, you might pay more.

Jerry Car Insurance FAQs

Is Jerry easy to use?

Yes, the Jerry app is user-friendly, helping users effortlessly compare car insurance and manage policies. Plus, it offers live support. But, a few users have mentioned issues with inaccurate quotes.

Does it cost money to use Jerry?

No, Jerry is free. Unlike some services, they don’t surprise you with extra or hidden charges. 

Is the Jerry app for insurance legit?

Yes, Jerry is a genuine insurance mobile app. They partner with over 50 well-known car insurance companies, like Progressive and Nationwide.

How long has Jerry car insurance been in business?

Jerry, established in 2017, is a newer entrant in the automotive sector.

Does using Jerry insurance affect my credit score?

Jerry car insurance might do a soft credit check for quotes, but this won’t impact your credit score. But, if you seek an auto loan with Jerry, they might pull your credit report, which can influence your score.

Bottom Line

Jerry car insurance streamlines comparing and purchasing insurance, making it a trusted choice for millions of drivers seeking savings and convenience.

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