Your Guide to Top Cybersecurity YouTube Channels in 2023

Cybersecurity is something we all acknowledge as important, but let’s face it: many of us don’t really grasp what our computer’s antivirus software does, how malware functions, or what bug hunting involves (and no, it’s not about nets or jars for bugs). Even though most people lack a deep understanding, cybersecurity is undeniably a key area to learn about. It’s about safeguarding ourselves and our computers from the increasing threat of viruses and malware.

Nowadays, cybercriminals are getting smarter each day, putting almost every sector in danger. Whether it’s education, healthcare, finance, or online shopping, our lives and information are increasingly residing in the digital realm. Consequently, our data is always vulnerable to being stolen or compromised by hackers and cybercriminals. It’s a threat that impacts nearly all of us. Gaining a strong foundational understanding of cybersecurity puts you in a better position to protect yourself in this digital age.

Cybersecurity matters a lot, and YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning about it. Whether you’re a pro or just getting started, YouTube offers a lot to help you understand cybersecurity. In this article, we’ll explore some top cybersecurity YouTube channels for 2023.

1. PowerDMARC: Protecting from Email Deception and Phishing Attempts

PowerDMARC is a standout in email security, particularly known for countering email scams such as spoofing and phishing. Their YouTube channel is highly popular, delivering valuable insights on email safety and cybersecurity. They excel at simplifying complex concepts, like DMARC, making it easier for viewers to protect their email domains. 

PowerDMARC: Protecting from Email Deception and Phishing Attempts

Additionally, they provide step-by-step guidance for setting up essential email security measures. If you’re a PowerDMARC user, their channel is a helpful resource for navigating the platform effectively. Furthermore, they impart knowledge about various cyber threats and offer strategies to stay secure.

The Key Highlights of PowerDMARC’s Cybersecurity YouTube Channel

  • Easy DMARC Insights: The PowerDMARC cybersecurity YouTube channels simplifies DMARC, making it easier for viewers to grasp how it stops domain misuse and better email delivery.
  • Steps for Email Safety: On PowerDMARC’s YouTube channel, they guide you step-by-step, starting your journey into email safety without making it complicated. They explain how to use DMARC, SPF, DKIM, MTA-STS, TLS-RPT, and BIMI for your domains.
  • Guidance for Customers: Their cybersecurity YouTube channel is a great help for customers and users already using PowerDMARC. It helps you navigate, set up, and handle your hosted protocols.
  • Understanding Cyber Threats: The PowerDMARC cybersecurity YouTube channel focuses on increasing awareness about cybersecurity. They cover important topics like BEC, spoofing, phishing, CEO fraud, ransomware, and more. Plus, they discuss ways to prevent and protect yourself from these threats, providing a wealth of information on email security.

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2. LiveOverflow: Your Go-To for Cyber Learning

LiveOverflow stands out for its extensive cybersecurity tutorials available on YouTube. Founded by Fabian Faessler, who humbly identifies as a “wannabe hacker,” this channel delves deep into various cybersecurity topics. The focus is primarily on hacking, with a spotlight on CFT (“capture the flag”), mobile security, and identifying vulnerabilities in security systems.

LiveOverflow: Your Go-To for Cyber Learning

Moreover, LiveOverflow covers an array of engaging subjects, including hacking in popular video games like Minecraft, gathering a vast viewership. You can find a wealth of insights and knowledge to expand your understanding of cybersecurity.

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3. The Cyber Mentor: Your Friendly Guide to Ethical Hacking

The Cyber Mentor is a well-loved YouTube channel focusing on ethical hacking, penetration testing, and cybersecurity tutorials. Created by Heath Adams, the channel offers step-by-step demonstrations of various cybersecurity tools and techniques. It strongly emphasizes developing practical skills, making it a fantastic resource for anyone eager to gain hands-on experience in cybersecurity.

 The Cyber Mentor: Your Friendly Guide to Ethical Hacking

At The Cyber Mentor, ethical hacking is the main focus. Heath Adams, the channel’s founder, calls himself a “hacker by trade” but emphasizes using his skills for positive purposes. The channel offers extensive ethical hacking courses and covers a range of topics, including various products, web tools, and web application penetration testing. Additionally, it provides valuable advice for individuals aspiring to build a successful career in cybersecurity.

Heath’s teaching style is straightforward, friendly, and often infused with humor. With an impressive subscriber count of over 320K and millions of views, it’s evident that his approach to cybersecurity resonates well with the audience. Whether you’re interested in a comprehensive ethical hacking course or just quick peeks into product reviews and tutorial videos, there’s something for everyone.

Visit The Cyber Mentor’s YouTube channel to explore the world of cybersecurity, covering ethical hacking, the dark web, computer science, email security, pentesting, and much more.

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4. Hak5: Simplifying Cybersecurity

Hak5, a popular Cybersecurity YouTube channels, is all about cybersecurity and technology. They cover a wide array of topics like hacking, cybersecurity tools, privacy, and tech devices. The Hak5 team explores the latest technologies, reviews both hardware and software, and provides tutorials on cybersecurity tools. What sets them apart is their ability to make complicated cybersecurity ideas easy to understand for everyone. Established in 2005, Hak5’s mission with their YouTube channel is to push the information security industry forward.

Hak5: Simplifying Cybersecurity

In this cybersecurity hub, you’ll discover top-notch podcasts, the best gear for penetration testing, and a welcoming community where hackers of all kinds find a home.

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5. John Hammond: Addressing intricate security issues in real-time.

John Hammond: Addressing intricate security issues in real-time.

John Hammond’s YouTube channel is all about cybersecurity challenges, practical hacking tutorials, and Capture The Flag (CTF) contests. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge, making complex topics understandable. Viewers can learn hacking techniques, tackle cybersecurity issues, and observe John as he solves tough problems. So, e often covers malware analysis, the dark web, programming, and cybersecurity careers.

John Hammond’s cybersecurity channel is one of the best. He started it in 2011 and now has over 390K subscribers and 19 million views. John is not only knowledgeable but also humorous and relatable. In his tutorial videos, he works through problems in real-time, letting viewers see and learn from his process.

He covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics, from basic hacking methods to the essentials of the dark web. He also interviews cybersecurity experts and career recruiters. Many of his videos use practice rooms from TryHackMe, a cybersecurity learning tool, to demonstrate hacking techniques. This is incredibly helpful for those learning cybersecurity using TryHackMe.

Also, John has developed training material and challenges for various cybersecurity events, showcasing his expertise. He often speaks at security conferences and engages with students at different institutions. His extensive list of certifications reflects his deep knowledge of the cybersecurity domain.

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6. IppSec: Step-by-step guides for CTF Challenges and Hack The Box Systems

IppSec is all about guiding you through Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges and Hack The Box machines. The creator meticulously explains how to find vulnerabilities, exploit them, and elevate privileges in various CTF scenarios. For those aiming to enhance their penetration testing and ethical hacking skills, this channel is a treasure trove. Established in 2016, IppSec is one of the newer cybersecurity YouTube channels, gaining rapid popularity.

IppSec: Step-by-step guides for CTF Challenges and Hack The Box Systems

The tutorials on IppSec are colorful and easy to follow, with a simple and well-structured content layout. It’s your go-to place for insights on HackTheBox, UHC, and CTF. Although it doesn’t yet have the most extensive range of videos, this channel is growing swiftly and holds immense potential. Established in 2016, IppSec is one of the newer cybersecurity YouTube channels, gaining rapid popularity.

7. NetworkChuck: Exploring Cybersecurity in Layman’s Terms

Meet Chuck, a devoted Information Technology enthusiast with a passion for helping others dive into IT careers by obtaining crucial certifications. He shares insights on various certifications like Cisco, CompTIA, AWS, and Microsoft on his NetworkChuck YouTube channel. 

NetworkChuck: Exploring Cybersecurity in Layman’s Terms

In this cyber world, Chuck simplifies intricate cybersecurity ideas, particularly targeting beginners and those less tech-savvy. Using engaging visuals and clear explanations, he covers a broad range of cybersecurity topics. This makes his channel a priceless asset for those starting out in this field, making cybersecurity more accessible for everyone.

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