A Comprehensive Overview Of Cyber 7: Assessment, Security Services & Offerings

The “Cyber 7” refers to a core set of cybersecurity measures designed to provide a robust defense against the prevalent cyber threats that target individuals and organizations alike. Embracing these strategies is key to reinforcing your cyber resilience and ensuring the safety of your digital infrastructure.

Key Takeaways

  • Cyber 7 specializes in end-to-end security and penetration testing.
  • Their expertise lies in anticipating and countering complex cyber-attacks to prevent disruptions.
  • Cyber 7’s penetration tests not only identify but also provide actionable solutions for vulnerabilities.
  • Assessments by Cyber 7 help in systematically identifying security gaps and aligning efforts with business needs.
  • Cyber 7 offers flexible 24/7 threat monitoring and tailored security solutions.
  • Cyber 7’s consulting services help bridge governance gaps and ensure compliance with various regulations.

What Is Cyber 7?

Your organization’s sensitive data and digital services deserve the best protection. So that’s where Cyber 7 comes in, offering end-to-end security services that ensure your ICT systems are safeguarded.

What Is Cyber 7?

The experts at Cyber 7 specialize in penetration testing. They’re known for uncovering threats that others might miss. Their award-winning security expertise has led to the development of unique systems, staying one step ahead of increasingly complex cyber-attacks. So his means you can avoid costly disruptions and keep your organization safe from harm.

Cyber 7 provides a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services, including assessments, compliance checks, tailored solutions, and consulting. They understand the importance of cost-effectiveness and tailor solutions to fit your specific needs, allowing you to prioritize your IT security spending.

Cyber 7’s Penetration Test

Cyber 7’s Penetration Tests do more than just find weak spots; they also give you advice on how to fix them, helping you decide where to invest in your IT security. Unlike some other companies that have limited skills, Cyber 7 can point out the everyday problems that likely lead to these weak spots.

The real benefit of a Cyber 7 Penetration Test comes afterward when it teams up with users to offer practical and efficient solutions. So fixed-price options bridge the gap for high-quality, affordable penetration tests.

Cyber 7's Penetration Test

Highly qualified experts at Cyber 7 conduct these tests using top-notch tools and methods. Yet, efficient processes mean users don’t have to break the bank for these excellent results.

So let’s take a quick look at Cyber 7’s Penetration Testing Packages:

Web Application package 

  •   Testing for a single external web application.
  •    We use trusted testing methods.
  •    We scan for vulnerabilities and exploit them.
  •    You get a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations.
  •    Additional web applications can be tested for a fixed extra cost.

Network Package

  •    Testing for 1-20 external-facing IP addresses.
  •    Thorough scanning and testing of network devices.
  •    We scan for vulnerabilities and exploit them.
  •    You receive a detailed report with findings and recommendations.
  •    Extra blocks of 10 IP addresses can be added for a set extra cost.

Wireless Package

  •    Testing for 1-5 access points and/or mobile devices.
  •    Comprehensive scanning and testing of wireless devices.
  •    We scan for vulnerabilities and exploit them.
  •    A detailed report with findings and recommendations is provided.
  •    You have the option to add more devices for a fixed extra cost.

Cyber 7’s Penetration Testing Packages are designed to give users great value and help users swiftly assess and prioritize steps to secure their systems.

Cyber 7:  Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyber 7:  Cybersecurity Assessment

Cyberattacks are on the rise, hitting every type of business hard. Traditional defense methods often fall short against well-organized, richly-funded cybercriminals. To protect your digital assets, it’s important to understand how these attackers operate and to develop strong cybersecurity tactics.

This is where Cyber 7’s cybersecurity evaluation comes in handy. It identifies weaknesses in your security and recommends actionable measures to shield your systems, handle emergencies, and bounce back from cyberattacks. And Cyber 7’s assessments are conducted by seasoned experts, offering quality at an affordable cost.

Their method is grounded in extensive experience with penetration testing, which has benefited numerous clients across various sectors. Through these evaluations, you can:

  1. Align your cybersecurity efforts with your business needs and risk tolerance.
  2. Figure out which activities are most crucial for your services and where to invest wisely.
  3. Integrate cybersecurity risks into your risk management process.
  4. Follow the best practices for managing cybersecurity risks.

So their methodology is based on global cybersecurity best practices, including frameworks like the US NIST, Australian Signals Directorate, and SANS Critical Security Controls.

5 phases of the cybersecurity management lifecycle in Cyber 7:

  • Identifying: Knowing what needs protection.
  • Protecting: Safeguarding information and systems.
  • Detecting: Spotting cybersecurity issues.
  • Responding: Acting quickly when issues are found.
  • Recovering: Getting back on track after an attack.

Here’s what you can expect from Cyber 7’s  fixed-price assessments

  • Follow a clear method to find, evaluate, and handle cyber risks.
  • Check how you currently protect against cyber risks and find where you can get better.
  • Figure out the key steps needed to keep your services running safely.
  • Rate risks and suggest what to fix first to improve security.
  • Provide reports that show how well you manage cyber safety.
  • Give you clear details to help explain cyber risks to people involved in your business.

Cyber 7’s Managed Security Services And Offerings

Managing security can be overwhelming and costly for organizations, especially if they have limited resources. So the challenge is even bigger now with the rise of sophisticated cyber attacks.

Moreover, Cyber 7 offers managed security services, providing real-time monitoring against threats 24/7. This means you can stay protected with the latest tools and top-notch analysis.

You have two options to choose from:

Pay-As-You-Need Services

  •    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  •    Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)
  •    Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  •   User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UBA)
  •   Standalone Vulnerability Management
  •   Continuous Penetration Testing on external assets (standalone)
  •   Incident Response Management

So Total Security Care Package

  •    Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  •    Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)
  •    Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  •    User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UBA)
  •    Vulnerability Management
  •    Continuous Penetration Testing on external assets
  •    Endpoint Protection
  •    Artificial Intelligence for action response
  •    Incident Response Management
  •    Security Advisory Services

So ith Cyber 7, you can choose the level of security service that fits your needs and budget, providing peace of mind in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Cyber 7: Consulting And Strategy Services

Cyber 7 offers consulting and strategy services to help companies with governance, risk management, and compliance. These services assist in bridging gaps in corporate governance, policy development, and enterprise risk management, especially concerning outsourcing.

They also provide assessments for various frameworks such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, GDPR, Australian Government PSPF/ISM, and CoBIT.

Cyber 7’s services cover a wide range of areas to ensure that organizations meet the necessary standards and are protected in the digital landscape. So to be more specific, Cyber 7’s Governance, Compliance, and Assurance Services include:

  • Security Governance
  • Cloud and Outsourcing Governance
  • Developing and Evaluating Policies
  • Creating Security Programs
  • Analyzing Security Requirements
  • Designing Security Architecture
  • Planning Internet and Network Perimeter Security
  • Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Managing IT Risks
  • Overseeing IT Governance
  • Preparing for Incident Response
  • Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
  • Managing Configurations
  • Centralizing Logs and Security Information
  • Monitoring Infrastructure and Applications
  • Managing Assets
  • Creating Security Policies
  • Generating Compliance Reports
  • CoBIT Assessments
  • ISO27001 Assessments and Certification Preparation
  • PCI-DSS Assessments and Certification Preparation
  • Australian Government PSPF/ISM Assessments and Certification Preparation

Other Information

  • Website: https://cyber7.com.au  
  • Industry: Computer and Network Security
  • Company size: 2-10 employees
  • Headquarters: Brisbane, QLD
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2017
  • Specialties: nclude protecting against cyber threats, testing defenses, coding and decoding information, managing security alerts, planning safe computer networks, meeting security rules, handling cyber emergencies, and checking for cyber weaknesses.


1. What services does Cyber 7 provide for cybersecurity?

Cyber 7 gives you a full range of security services, with a focus on testing your defenses against hacking. They also offer thorough security reviews, make sure you follow rules, create custom security plans, and give advice to keep your organization safe.

2. How does Cyber 7’s Penetration Testing help organizations?

Cyber 7’s Penetration Tests not only identify vulnerabilities but also offer advice on how to address them, aiding in decision-making for IT security investments. They uncover everyday problems that can lead to weak spots and provide practical and solutions.

3. What are the packages available for Penetration Testing by Cyber 7?

So Cyber 7 offers three main packages:

  • Web Application Package for testing a single external web application.
  • Network Package for testing 1-20 external facing IP addresses.
  • Wireless Package for testing 1-5 access points and/or mobile devices.

Additional testing for more applications or IP addresses can be included for a fixed extra cost.

4. How does Cyber 7’s cybersecurity assessment benefit organizations?

Cyber 7’s cybersecurity check looks for holes in your security and gives you easy steps to fix them. To be specific, it helps you protect your systems, handle any security problems, and bounce back from cyberattacks. The check makes sure your security work helps your business, mixes security risks into your overall risk plan, and uses proven ways to deal with cybersecurity dangers.

5. What are the components of Cyber 7’s Governance, Compliance, and Assurance Services?

Cyber 7 helps you set up strong security rules, create safety programs, check for weak spots, and report on rules you need to follow. They do checks based on CoBIT, ISO27001, and PCI-DSS standards to make sure organizations meet important requirements and keep their data safe.

6. What are Cyber 7’s managed security service options?

Cyber 7 lets you pay only for the security parts you want. This includes threat detection, automated security responses, advanced threat protection, user behavior analysis, single-issue vulnerability management, or ongoing hacker simulation tests. Their Complete Security Care Package includes a full range of security services for an all-in-one security fix.

7. How does Cyber 7 assist with governance, risk, and compliance?

Cyber 7 offers consulting and strategy services to help companies with corporate governance, policy development, enterprise risk management, and compliance. So they perform compliance assessments for various frameworks to ensure organizations meet required standards.

Final thoughts

Cyber 7 is like a strong shield for your digital stuff. They’re experts at finding and stopping tricky computer attacks. They help you keep your data safe without spending too much. They offer different levels of protection and advice to suit your needs.

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