Citizens Property Insurance Login Your Insurance Policy 

Citizens property insurance login was set up in 2002 by Florida officials as a non-profit protection company. The company gives scope to homeowners who cannot get protection scope from standard protection suppliers due to high-risk circumstances. This incorporates properties in high-risk flood or wind zones or properties with past claims histories.

Information Citizens Property Insurance 

Citizens property insurance may be a nonprofit company run by the Florida state government. Citizens are “guarantors of final resort.” It as it were insurrection properties that private companies won’t cover or won’t give reasonable protections for. You can buy a Citizens approach if:

  • You can’t get scope from a Florida-authorized protection company.
  • Quotes from Florida-authorized protections companies are more than 20% higher than comparative scope from Citizens.
Information Citizens Property Insurance 

Citizens encourage Florida homeowners to purchase private protections in case they can manage it. It indeed has online devices to assist you discover scope elsewhere.

If you’ll be able to get scope from private companies but are qualified for Citizens. Although you will pay higher rates, private companies are likely to have more scope choices and may offer more value for your money.

Pros And Cons Of Citizens Property Insurance

Citizens fill a basic void within the Florida insurance market. In any case, since a few homeowners have so few choices. They may not have the extravagance of selecting the most excellent arrangement. In case you are considering a Citizens approach, you will not have much choice within the matter. But understanding the aces and cons of the carrier may assist you explore scope. 

Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of citizens property insurance login.


  • Provides homeowners protections to high-risk homes that are frequently denied scope by private insurers.
  • Wind, flood, and staying fire protections approaches available.
  • Sets up catastrophe reaction centers after common catastrophes to offer in-person back to homeowners without control or means of communication.


  • Rates are about 3 times higher than the national normal – and the guarantors proposed a 12% rate climb in June 2023.
  • Fewer scope choices and lower limits than competitors.
  • No online cite tool.

Logging Into Your Citizens Insurance Account 

Once you’ve effectively enlisted for your citizens property insurance login, you’ll be able to effectively log in to get to your approach data. Take after these basic steps to log in to your account: 

Logging Into Your Citizens Insurance Account

Step 1: Open The Citizens Insurance Website

In your web browser then go to the Citizens Property Insurance site at 

Step 2: Click On The “Login” Button

On the best right corner of the homepage, then you may see a ‘Login’ button. Press this button to proceed. 

Step 3: Fill In Login Details

Once you press the “Login” button, you’ll be coordinated to the login page. Where you’ll be provoked to enter your login credentials, so this will incorporate your username and password combination. 

Make sure to merely enter the right login details to avoid any login issues. In the event that you’ve got trouble recollecting your citizens property insurance login qualifications. You’ll utilize the ‘Forgot Password’ choice to reset your password. 

Step 4: Get To Your Arrangement Information

Once you have effectively logged into your account, you’ll be coordinated to the approach entrance on your dashboard. Here, you’ll be able to see imperative data almost your arrangement. Counting the terms and conditions, the scope details and any support you’ll have asked. You may also be able to see your billing and payment information.

Citizens Property Insurance Coverages Offered

Citizens property insurance login arrangements incorporate these six standard inclusions to secure your home, assets, and individual liability:

  • Dwelling: Pays to repair or revamp the structure of your home after a secured misfortune. Scope is limited to up to $700,000, but in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties where scope is expanded to $1 million.
  • Other structures: Pays to repair or modify other structures on your property not associated with your home, counting withdrawn carports, capacity sheds, and fencing. So, scope is constrained to up to 60% of your staying coverage limit.
  • Personal property: Pays to repair or replace your individual possessions after a secured misfortune. Counting furniture, clothing, tech gadgets, and other stuff you claim, so, scope is constrained to up to 50% of your staying scope limit.
  • Loss of use: Pays for hotel stays, restaurant bills, pet boarding expenses, and other brief living costs after a secured misfortune. In case you wish to live somewhere else whereas your home is being modified. Scope is constrained to up to 10% of your staying scope limit.
  • Personal risk: Pays for lawful and restorative costs if somebody is harmed. Or their assets are harmed whereas at your domestic and you’re found lawfully capable. Scope is constrained to up to $100,000.
  • Medical payments: Pays for small-dollar restorative bills if someone is harmed whereas at your domestic – regardless of who is at blame. Scope is restricted to up to $2,000.

You can log in to your citizens property insurance login account by going to the myPolicy page. Once you’re there, you’ll be able enter your username and password to get to your approach records, billing information, and claims. 

Insurance Additional Coverages Offered

  • Ordinance or law: Pays the additional fetch of getting your home up to code after a secured misfortune. So, scope is constrained to 25% of your staying limit.
  • Sinkholes: Covers basic harm to your domestic caused by sinkhole activity.
  • Loss assessment: Pays up to $1,000 for your share of what’s owed to your homeowners affiliation, then a collective misfortune is recorded against members.
  • Trees, shrubs, and other plants: Pays up to 5% of your staying scope. With no more than $500 per plant – to supplant trees, shrubs, and plants harmed by a secured peril.
  • Credit or debit card, forgery, or counterfeit money: Covers up to $500 in misfortune coming about from the unauthorized utilization of your credit or charge cards.
  • Flood insurance: Citizens property insurance login offers flood protection scope through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). A government program run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
  • Dwelling fire insurance: Fire protections for properties that aren’t your essential home, like moment homes, get-away homes, or rental properties.
  • Wind-only insurance: Partitioned windstorm insurance arrangement that as it were covers your home from harm from salute. And wind storms, such as storms and tropical storms.
  • Mobile home insurance: Insurrection of your made or mobile home with the standard inclusions recorded within the over section.
  • Condo insurance: Obtained as a supplement to your condo association’s ace arrangement. So, condo protections cover your individual possessions, the interior structure of your condo unit, and individual liability.
  • Renters insurance: Acquired by inhabitants, tenants protections cover the individual assets in your rental home. Or apartment against fire, vandalism, burglary, windstorms, and water harm, as well as individual risk and loss of utilization coverage.

Citizens Property Home Protections Discounts

  • Wind mitigation discounts: Citizens property insurance offers rebates to homes prepared with wind-damage moderation highlights to ensure. Against wind and rain harm amid storms.
  • Florida building code compliance discount: Homes built after Jan. 1, 2002 or have rooftops updated to meet the 2002 Florida Building Code. It may be qualified for a Citizens Property Insurance discount.
  • Roof construction discounts: Citizens Property Insurance offers rebates when a domestic is prepared with certain roof constructions.
  • Centrally monitored fire alarms: Homes and businesses with a centrally monitored fire alert are eligible for a Citizens Property Protections discount.
  • Centrally monitored burglar alarms: Homes and businesses with a centrally checked burglar alert are qualified for a Citizens Property Protections discount.

How Do I Contact Citizens Home Insurance?

You can contact citizens property insurance login by phone at 866.411.2742 to report a claim or check the status of a claim 24 hours a day. For common requests, you’ll be able to reach their citizens property insurance phone number on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET at the same number. 

How Do I Contact Citizens Home Insurance?

In the event that you prefer to compose to them, then you can send your correspondence to the taking after address:

  • Citizens Property Insurance Corporation
  • P.O. Box 19700
  • Jacksonville, FL 32245-9700

If you would like to contact them by means of e-mail. Please visit their site and select the suitable point from the drop-down menu. Please note that mail addresses sent to citizens property insurance phone numbers are open records. In case you do not need your mail address discharged in response to an open records request. Don’t mail Citizens. Instead, contact them by phone or in composing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Citizens Insurance Good?

Citizens property insurance may be a great company for Florida homeowners who’ve been denied domestic protection scope through conventional guarantors. Be that as it may, with tall rates, restricted scope alternatives, and low arrangement limits. Citizens home insurance is best spared as a final resort.

Does Citizens Property Insurance Accept Homes With Ancient Roofs?

You’ll regularly get to supplant your roof to be qualified for Citizens scope if any of these apply to your home:

  • You have a tile, slate, clay, concrete, or metal roof 50 a long time old.
  • You have a shingle or other sort of roof 25 a long time old.
  • You have a mobile home with a roof 25 a long time old.

How Do I Log In To My Citizens Protections Account?

To log in to your citizens property insurance login account. Go to the Citizens Property Insurance site and press MyPolicy within the best route bar. You’ll at that point have to enter your username and password to sign into your account.

Citizens property insurance login may be a stage that gives policyholders with simple and helpful get to their protections approach data. In this article, we looked at different viewpoints of citizens property insurance login that can help policyholders in overseeing their approaches. We began by giving directions on how to enroll for an account. Taken after by a step-by-step direct to getting to the account and investigating login issues. 

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