10 Best Car Insurance Companies in UK: You Should Know 

Let’s delve into the top 10 UK best car insurance companies. These stand out due to exemplary reviews from financial service evaluators like Fairer Finance and Trust Pilot, coupled with their quality of coverage and beneficial add-ons.

Top 10 car insurance companies in the UK

1. Direct Line

Direct Line stands out, securing the leading position thanks to its top-notch customer service, unique multi-car discounts, and all-encompassing policies, especially in business car insurance. As a part of the Direct Line Group, it offers a diverse range of brands, products, and channels, ensuring customers have ample choices to safeguard their cars, homes, pets, businesses, and travels. Their car insurance policies focus on delivering both affordability and quality, highlighted by perks like guaranteed hire cars, seamless onward travel, and a trustworthy claim commitment.

2. Admiral

Admiral, a prominent UK-based car insurance provider, boasts an impressive 8.9 out of 10 rating from customer reviews, as verified by the software company, Reevoo. Breaking it down, they scored 9.1 for purchasing ease, 8.9 for clear policy information, and 8.7 for value. Admiral categorizes its car insurance into three tiers: comprehensive, third-party only, and third-party with fire and theft.


Their comprehensive option offers the broadest protection, covering third-party incidents, fire, theft, and costs from accidents or intentional damage. Additionally, this plan comes with several perks like windscreen protection, a courtesy car, and added coverage for international driving.

3. Aviva

Recognized as one of the UK’s top multi-car insurance providers, Aviva offers a notable 10% multi-car discount, although this doesn’t extend to optional extras. Customers can conveniently insure up to five vehicles under a single policy, provided all vehicles are registered at the same address. Additionally, Aviva stands out for its commendable business vehicle insurance, catering to those who frequently travel between various work locations.

Aviva plc, a global insurance giant, caters to over 33 million clients across 16 nations. They provide two main car insurance tiers: comprehensive and third-party, fire, and theft. Their comprehensive plan not only safeguards against damage or loss to the owner’s car but also covers liabilities, uninsured drivers, vehicle recovery, and even legal expenses. Plus, it offers unique features like coverage when driving other cars, motor injury protection, and an individual no-claim discount.

4. John Lewis Finance

John Lewis Finance ranks fourth, garnering high praise from Fairer Finance for its stellar customer service and efficient complaint handling. With a rich history spanning over 150 years, John Lewis Finance consistently delivers top-notch financial solutions at competitive rates. Their car insurance includes standout features like misfuelling cover, protection against uninsured drivers, access to expert services, a courtesy car, onward travel cover, and an extensive 90-day European cover. Moreover, customers can customize their policies with optional add-ons, such as legal protection, car breakdown assistance, and a safeguarded no-claim discount. Notably, Covea Insurance plc underwrites all their policies.

John Lewis Finance car insurance

5. Hastings

Hastings claims the fifth position in this year’s rankings as one of the UK’s premier general insurance providers. Boasting over 3.1 million active customer policies and a workforce of more than 3,300 across offices in Bexhill, Leicester, Gibraltar, and London, the firm stands tall. Notably, about 90% of Hastings’ policies are underwritten by its Gibraltar-based insurer, Advantage Insurance Company Limited.

Offering adaptable car insurance, Hastings empowers its policyholders with the flexibility to include optional perks such as enhanced personal accident coverage, breakdown assistance, motor legal expenses, and key protection. And with a commendable 4.3/5 rating on Trust Pilot, they certainly have the approval of many!

6. Churchill

Earning a reputation for offering some of the top individual multi-car and business car insurance policies in the UK, Churchill Insurance stands out. Established in 1989, Churchill paved the way as one of the UK’s inaugural direct motor insurance providers.

Their car insurance package boasts a round-the-clock emergency helpline and assures repairs for five years when using Churchill-endorsed repairers. Additionally, in the event of a total loss, customers can opt for a replacement, an upgrade, or a cash payout. Notably, Churchill’s DriveSure telematics insurance is tailored to assist young drivers, promoting safe driving while also providing an avenue to reduce their premiums. And on a lighter note, their mascot, Churchie, certainly adds a touch of charm to the brand!


CSIS (Civil Service Insurance Society) is a not-for-profit insurance intermediary dedicated to providing insurance services for current and retired civil and public servants in the UK. Founded in 1890, the society prides itself on delivering a range of insurance products, including car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance, among others.

CSIS (Civil Service Insurance Society)

CSIS car insurance offers coverage designed to meet the specific needs of its target demographic, aiming to provide competitive rates and comprehensive coverage. Over the years, CSIS has garnered recognition not only for its insurance services but also for its commitment to delivering profits back to the civil service community, supporting various charitable endeavors.

8. Bell Insurance

Bell Insurance, a member of the Admiral Group, caters specifically to young, first-time, and safety-conscious drivers. They utilize innovative “plug-and-drive” black box technology, a telematics system, to offer fair premiums. Not only is this system designed for young drivers, but experienced ones can also benefit, potentially lowering their premiums via Bell’s safe driver initiative. The renowned independent financial researcher, Defaqto, has awarded Bell’s Safe Driver (Plug and Drive) policy a commendable four out of five stars.

9. Age Co

Age Co, catering specifically to those over 50, offers a range of financial products and services, from car and home insurance to financial services, funeral plans, and independent living solutions. Their car insurance is tailored to specific age brackets: over 60s, over 70s, and over 80s. Customers can opt for comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, or third-party only coverage.

Some standout features of Age Co’s car insurance include a message relay service, allowing policyholders to reach out to loved ones after an accident; protection for inbuilt audio equipment; a “Get You Home” service following accidents; and comprehensive windscreen coverage. Moreover, they offer motor breakdown assistance and extend European coverage for up to 180 days a year. Additionally, customers can enhance their coverage with optional add-ons like key protection, excess protection, and motor legal protection.

10. Dial Direct

Dial Direct stands as one of the UK’s premier insurance providers, catering to over a million customers with its car, van, and home insurance offerings. With a plethora of features and benefits, their comprehensive car insurance policy can be tailored to fit individual lifestyles and requirements.

Specifically, their bsafeguards against losses from accidental or malicious damage, fire, theft, attempted theft, and vandalism. Notably, if an accident occurs due to an uninsured motorist, Dial Direct ensures the insured gets a refund on any excess paid. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the company even contributes up to £300 towards replacing a child’s car seat. Reflecting their quality service, the firm has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating on the consumer review site, TrustPilot.

What types of car insurance are there?

Car insurance aims to shield drivers in case of accidents. At its most fundamental, third-party insurance covers damages to others and their property. On the other hand, comprehensive insurance, often referred to as full cover, compensates for damages to the insured’s vehicle due to theft, vandalism, fire, or accidents.

Interestingly, an increasing number of car insurance plans now include a black box installed in your vehicle to monitor your driving habits. If you’re deemed a safe driver, you can enjoy reduced premiums. While these policies have traditionally attracted younger drivers due to cost-effectiveness, they’re now accessible to motorists of all ages.

For savvy ways to reduce car-related expenses, delve into this reader’s account: ‘I saved £6,000 on my Audi and £730 on car insurance.

How can I reduce the cost of coverage?

Several factors influence the cost of car insurance. While some factors, like age and location, set others are more flexible. Opting for a less powerful car can reduce your premium. Similarly, driving fewer miles can lead to a more affordable rate. Enhancing your car’s security can also lower the cost.

A solid no-claims record can earn you a discount. Additionally, if you agree to a higher excess, meaning you’ll pay more upfront in the event of a claim, your premium will typically decrease. However, this means you’ll shoulder a bigger portion of the costs if you claim.

Your profession can also impact your premium. Explore different job descriptions when filling out your details; for instance, labeling yourself as a “homemaker” might be more economical than stating you’re “unemployed.”

Avoid last-minute insurance shopping. Data suggests that securing a policy about three weeks before its expiry offers the best rates. Also, paying your premium annually rather than monthly can save you money.

For more strategies to decrease your car insurance costs, dive deeper into available resources.

How to choose car insurance

When searching for an insurance policy, begin by using a reliable car insurance comparison tool. Additionally, explore other websites, such as MoneySuperMarket and Comparethemarket, to increase your chances of finding an affordable policy that meets your needs. However, don’t base your decision solely on price.

Clearly understand the coverage you require, and be cautious of policies with high excesses or additional fees. Choose a company known for excellent customer satisfaction and prompt claim processing. For insights on customer experiences, trust levels, complaints, and transparency, consult our customer experience tables. They can guide you in identifying companies with stellar track records.

Best car insurance in UK: FAQs

Does car insurance automatically renew?

In the UK, insurance companies typically auto-renew your policy to prevent any unintentional lapses in coverage. When your policy approaches its end date, your insurer will send you a letter detailing the new policy’s cost and instructions on how to cancel if you choose not to renew. If you take no action, they’ll automatically renew it at the provided price.

Which car insurance group is cheapest?

In the UK, the cost of your car insurance influences by many factors, one of which is its assigned group from a range of 1 to 50. The insurance industry manages these groups, categorizing every car based on aspects like performance and replacement part costs. Generally, a car in group 1 tends to be the most affordable to insure, while a high-performance, high-value car in group 50 usually commands a higher premium. Simply put, the lower the group number, the cheaper the insurance tends to be.

Why has my car insurance premium gone up?

There are several reasons why your insurer might increase your premium. Perhaps they view you as a higher risk due to recent claims, a change in address, increased mileage, or a pricier car purchase. Like any other company, car insurance providers might raise their prices occasionally, leading to higher premiums. Additionally, we all pay Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) on insurance products, currently set at 12% by the government. If the government raises this tax, expect your premiums to follow suit.

Does car insurance cover flood damage?

Typically, car insurance policies cover flood damage if it’s unavoidable, like when your parked car gets caught in unexpected flooding. However, if you knowingly drive into flood waters and cause damage, your insurer might reject your claim, considering it preventable harm.

Can car insurance be transferred to a new car?

Certainly, you can request your insurer to modify your policy for a different vehicle. However, be ready for a possible administrative fee and potentially higher premiums if your new car is deemed riskier by the insurer.

Bottom Line

The best car insurance companies in the UK offer competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage, and exceptional customer service. Relying on customer feedback and industry reviews can help individuals find a provider that best suits their needs and ensures peace of mind.

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