Alliance United Insurance: A Detailed Review in 2023 

Navigating the auto insurance landscape as a high-risk driver can be daunting. However, the presence of specialized insurers like Alliance United Insurance in Southern California offers a beacon of hope. Catering specifically to individuals requiring SR-22s or those with records of DUIs or accidents, Alliance United Insurance is a standout choice for Los Angeles residents in search of non-standard coverage. Before committing to a policy, here’s a comprehensive overview of what you should know about them.

Key Takeaways

  • Alliance United, part of Kemper Auto Insurance, focuses on insuring high-risk drivers in California. They provide a range of coverages, including Liability, Collision, Comprehensive, Medical payments, Uninsured/underinsured motorist, High-risk, Non-owner, Roadside help, and Rental car costs
  • However, their rates are often higher than other Californian providers. Some customers have noted concerns about fees and claim processing times.
  • On the upside, Alliance United stands out with its broker-centric approach, a strong local base in Southern California, and the provision of SR-22 certificates for high-risk drivers.

Alliance United Insurance Auto: At A Glance 

Alliance United is a branch of the broader Kemper Auto Insurance, renowned for specializing in high-risk driver coverage. While they cater to Californians at large, their footprint is especially notable in Los Angeles. Kemper’s vast network encompasses hundreds of brokers spread across the U.S. 

 Alliance United Insurance Auto: At A Glance 

To tap into their services, prospective clients work with individual brokers rather than approaching the company directly. Their niche lies in assisting high-risk drivers, often those facing hurdles getting insured elsewhere. Notably, they proudly offer a bilingual claims team, reflecting their commitment to serving the substantial Spanish-speaking community in Southern California.

Types of Coverage Alliance United 

Alliance United provides a comprehensive range of car insurance options for on-road protection. Here’s a simplified breakdown:

  • Liability Coverage: Mandatory across states, it covers injury or property damage costs if you’re at fault in an accident.
  • Collision Coverage: Takes care of repair expenses stemming from collisions, be it with another car or stationary objects like lampposts.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses non-collision damages like weather effects or vandalism.
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Offers added financial support for medical bills post-accident, for both the driver and passengers.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: Protects you if the at-fault driver lacks adequate insurance.
  • High-Risk Coverage: Tailored for those requiring SR-22 certificates or with a DUI/accident record.
  • Non-owner Coverage: Designed for individuals who often drive cars they don’t own.
  • Roadside Assistance: A supportive add-on for on-road issues like towing, lockouts, or tire replacements.
  • Rental Reimbursement: Compensates for rental expenses if your vehicle is undrivable post-accident.

Alliance United Auto Insurance Rates

How do Alliance United’s car insurance premiums stack up against other providers in California? Let’s compare Alliance United’s rates for drivers with a clean history, those with a single speeding violation, and individuals with an at-fault accident on their record.

InsurerRates w/ Clean RecordRates w/ Speeding TicketRates w/ At Fault Accident
Alliance United$70/month$100/month$150/month
State Farm$60/month$60/month$60/month

What Car Insurance Discounts are Available?

Saving on car insurance is easier with discounts, and Alliance United offers several to help lower your costs. Here’s what they offer:

  • Multiple Cars: Save when you insure more than one vehicle.
  • Safety Training: Discounts for completing a defensive driving course.
  • Bundling: Get a deal when you have multiple policies with Alliance.
  • Safe Driving: Reduced rates for drivers with a clean record.
  • Senior Discount: Special rates for older drivers.

Plus, if you stay accident-free, your deductible can drop each year. Alliance United even has a program that reduces your deductible the longer you drive without issues. Always check with the company to see how these discounts can apply to you.

United Alliance Insurance Offer Coverage In Different States

Alliance United Insurance mainly offers car insurance for California drivers. But since Kemper Auto bought them, their coverage area might grow. Right now, they cover fewer areas compared to many other insurers.

Alliance United Customer Service

Alliance’s customer service receives mixed feedback. Notably, they have a higher complaint ratio compared to similar insurance providers. A common grievance centers around the additional fees tacked onto their policies. While Alliance advertises competitive rates, various broker’s fees are added, increasing the overall cost. 

For instance, extra charges are levied for processing SR-22 certificates, potentially negating other policy discounts. Moreover, they impose multiple payment-related fees, like charges for online or phone payments and fees for monthly payment arrangements. Consequently, the ultimate policy expense may surpass a customer’s initial expectations.

Here’s a look at some of the fees Alliance United has:

Renewal billing fee$9.60 to $15
Manual processing fee (payment fee)$5 for all payments made by phone or online
Endorsement fee$6.40 to $8 for policy changes
Bank return fee$25
Reissue (or reinstate) policy fee$10 to $13
SR-22/SR-1P filing fee$5
Installment billing fee$12 to $15
New business policy fee$20 to $25

Alliance often faces customer dissatisfaction due to prolonged claims processing. Some customers note difficulty in reaching a representative over the phone. Additionally, Alliance’s coverage is limited to select cities in Southern California.

However, on the positive side, both Alliance and its parent company, Kemper, offer online bill payment and claim filing. They provide services in English and Spanish, catering to diverse clients. Discounts are available for insuring multiple cars or maintaining a clean driving record. With an A- rating from AM Best, Kemper demonstrates financial stability.

Alliance United Insurance: Pros & Cons


  • Specialization in High-Risk Drivers: Alliance United specializes in providing coverage for high-risk drivers, including those who require SR-22s or have records of DUIs or accidents.
  • Bilingual Services: They offer services in both English and Spanish, addressing the diverse linguistic needs of Southern California.
  • Online Accessibility: Customers can easily pay bills and file claims through their online portal, offering convenience in managing their policies.
  • Multiple Discounts: They provide various discounts, such as those for insuring multiple cars or for drivers with good driving records.
  • Affiliated with Kemper: Being a division of the broader Kemper network, Alliance United benefits from Kemper’s vast resources and reputation.
  • Financial Stability: Kemper, Alliance United’s parent company, boasts an A- rating from AM Best, indicating robust financial health.
  • Local Presence: With a focus on Southern California, Alliance United has a strong understanding of local insurance needs and nuances.
  • Diverse Coverage Options: From basic liability to specialized high-risk coverage, Alliance United provides a range of insurance options to cater to different driver requirements.
  • Individual Broker Model: This model provides a personalized touch, as customers work directly with individual brokers, ensuring tailored services.


  • High Complaint Ratio: Many customers have raised concerns, especially when comparing Alliance United’s services with those of other insurance companies.
  • Additional Fees: Despite advertising low rates, Alliance United can charge multiple broker and processing fees, potentially increasing the overall policy cost.
  • Delayed Claims Processing: Some customers report long wait times before receiving payouts after filing claims.
  • Customer Service Issues: There have been instances where customers found it challenging to get in touch with a representative, especially during peak times.
  • Limited Coverage Area: Their services are primarily focused on specific Southern California cities, limiting their accessibility for those outside these regions.
  • Hidden Costs: The company charges extra for various services, such as processing SR-22 certificates, which can offset other discounts on the policy.
  • Payment Processing Fees: They might levy additional charges for various payment methods, such as paying over the phone or online, or for opting for monthly payment plans.
  • Perception Issues: Due to the complaints and mixed reviews, potential customers might be hesitant to opt for their services.
  • Lack of Comprehensive Digital Features: While they offer online billing and claims, they might not provide as comprehensive digital features as some other modern insurers.

Filing a Car Insurance Claim with Alliance United: A Simple Guide

Unexpected things can happen, like accidents, vandalism, or theft. If your car gets damaged due to such events, here’s how to file a claim with Alliance United:

  • Why File?
    • Accidents, especially rear-end ones.
    • Damage like broken windshields.
    • Vandalism, weather issues, or theft.
  • Steps to File:
    • Gather Info First: Know your policy details, like coverage limits and deductible. If you have comprehensive or collision insurance, check if you have rental car coverage.
    • Details to Collect:
      • Other driver’s contact details.
      • Accident specifics: when, where, and why it happened.
      • Pictures of the damage and the accident scene.
      • Police officer details and a copy of their report.
  • How to File:
    • Call Them: Use your phone.
    • Online: Through the Alliance United website.
    • App: Use their mobile application.
  • Act Quickly: File your claim soon after the incident. There might be a time limit, so don’t wait too long.

Remember, the key is to gather all details right away and get in touch with Alliance United promptly. It helps in faster processing and getting your car fixed sooner.

Does Alliance United offer any other type of insurance?

Alliance United allows you to combine your car insurance with other insurance types. They offer:

  • Boat coverage
  • Business vehicle coverage
  • Condo coverage
  • Home coverage
  • Renters’ protection
  • Life coverage
  • Health coverage

For more savings, consider bundling multiple policies. Speak to a sales representative to learn about multipolicy discounts available in your region. The more policies you bundle, the more you might save!

Alliance United Insurance: FAQs

What is Alliance United Auto Insurance?

Since the acquisition, Alliance United operates as a division under the Kemper umbrella, but it continues to specialize in offering auto insurance to Californian drivers. The partnership with Kemper has expanded its resources and reach, though its primary focus remains on the California market.

What is the A.M. Best rating of Alliance United Auto Insurance?

Alliance United Auto Insurance holds an A rating from A.M. Best, showcasing its excellent financial stability and reliable claim payment ability.

Does Alliance United Auto Insurance have any complaints?

Currently, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has logged 435 complaints about Alliance United Auto Insurance, mainly concerning its products or services. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) also notes a complaint index ratio of 27.72 for Alliance United, which is above average compared to similar-sized competitors.

How can I make Alliance United Auto Insurance payments?

Alliance United Auto Insurance allows customers to make payments online using credit or debit cards, through electronic fund transfers, or via MoneyGram. Alternatively, they can send payments by mail using a check, money order, or cashier’s check.

How do I file an Alliance United Auto Insurance claim?

To file a claim with Alliance United Auto Insurance:

  • Contact their claims department directly.
  • Provide necessary details about the incident.
  • Submit any required documentation, such as accident photos or police reports.
  • Follow their guided process for claim resolution.

For a detailed procedure, it’s best to check Alliance United’s official website or contact their customer service.

In Conclusion

Alliance United Insurance, a specialist in auto coverage for California drivers, is known for catering to high-risk clientele. Acquired by Kemper Auto in 2015, the company has faced mixed reviews regarding its service and claims process. While it offers various coverage options, potential policyholders should research thoroughly to understand its offerings and customer feedback.

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